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You will all be aware that IFSMA set up the Human Element International Group and achieved success at the IMO HTW Committee with its first paper on revising how new outputs must consider the Human Element. The HEIG has now decided that we need to do something about the continued rise in the deaths and accidents in the Industry, both at sea and ashore, on entry into Enclosed Spaces in all classes of ships. The Project is being coordinated by Captain Kuba Syzmanski, CEO of INTERMANAGER and is proceeding well.

There have been a number of groups formed looking at the different factors that contribute to enclosed space entry accidents. One of these is time pressure, or perceived time pressure, and the role that this may play in accidents by e.g. influencing seafarers to not follow procedures, or to rush a job, etc. The group is specifically looking for examples of times where there are conflicting demands placed on the master/crew which make it difficult or impossible to follow enclosed space procedures properly. This could be conflicting local and international regulations, pressure from charterers or agents, ISM procedures that cannot be followed due to time constraints, etc.

I would therefore be most grateful if you would go out to your Shipmasters of all classes of vessels and see if you can get any information for the group please. This is really important as we are determined to discover why accident rates continue to rise and to make changes at IMO to regulations, training, etc., as necessary. I know Shipmasters at sea are really busy and under pressure at the moment, but there are equally plenty of Shipmasters ashore or recently retired who have the time to send me their thoughts as this Project is intended to save lives and reduce accident rates and not just by bringing in more legislation but by doing what we do better. We are the experts, so please lets use this opportunity to change things for the better.

I would be grateful if you could send the replies to David Appleton of Nautilus International (representing IFSMA on the group) at email:



and copy in Paul Owen at the HQ and me (hq@ifsma.org).

Thank you for your help in advance

Best regards, Jim Scorer
Secretary General

LastUpDate: 2024-Jul-16